5 ways to save more money this month

fast food

If you would like to save more money this month, the following tips and you may be surprised at just how much money you can pocket with some wisdom and effort.

1.Cut out fast food and eating out.

Many people do not realize that eating out adds up big by the end of the month. Even if you only eat at fast food joints, which are cheaper than restaurants, before the end of the month you could easily have spent $100 or more. I challenge you for one month to cook your own meals, skip eating out, and see how much money you can save in one month. Tally up what you normally spend and compare numbers at the end of the month. You may decide to stop eating out once and for all or just for special occasions once you see the savings.

2.Make a grocery list.

Planning your meals and making a grocery list can save you more money this month. Without a list or a plan you are likely to spend at least 1/3 more money than you normally would. Also, try to keep grocery trips to one per week. Compile your list and perform your shopping in one day. We all know that a trip to the grocery store for one or two items, such as milk and bread, tends to result in milk, bread, and a host of other foods that looked good at the moment. One trip per week will save you more money for the month. Read More