How To Take Your Personal Finance Into Your Own Hands

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If you don’t take your financial future into your own hands, no one is likely to do it for you and your personal finances will be tossed back and forth like a ship with no sails- going nowhere. It is no one else’s responsibility to handle your personal finances. It is yours and you must take control by great discipline and wisdom in order to experience success in your finances.

The first thing you can do to take your financial future into your own hands is to create a budget. List all of your income and expenses and get a clear picture of where you are financially. As you do this, I want you to take each category and decide the amount that you want and/or need to spend in that category monthly.

For example, if you want to allot money each month for eating out, specify what that amount is and stick to it. Keep it reasonable. If you want to purchase one new outfit per month, specify it and stick to it. Of course you will want to list all of your bills and make sure that you have enough income to cover all of them before adding recreational categories. Read More