I am Karen Scott and I hold the position of a Senior Vice President (SVP) in the field of strategy and Business Development. I have a degree of Bachelor’s in Business Marketing and have been working as a SVP since August 2010. As the SVP for strategy and business development, I am responsible for the strategic planning, solutions strategy for Finance and Telecommunication as well as the mergers and acquisitions.

I have been working for my current company since 1994 but before now, I used to handle the responsibilities in another of their branches which was located in Asia, Japan. Later on, I moved to Australia and held a key position for the same organization and throughout that time I held positions such as the General Manager, Sales and Business Director and the Vice President of business development for home and business networks.

So, you must know by now, I have traveled extensively and I must admit that this is one of the reasons why I l am passionate about my job. While I was in Japan, I managed to learn the simple yet extremely polite language of the Japanese and also learned a lot about the cultural values that are close to their hearts. Japan is a country which is very close to my heart as it has given me a lot both professional and personally.

I met my Husband Scott while I was in Japan and fell in love with him instantly. Much like me, he is also in the field of business and we are presently thinking about having a company of our soon. We absolutely love animals and this is why we have pets in the form of a dog, a cat, fishes and a hamster as well. Both of us enjoy the outdoor immensely and love to hike, cycle around the city and travel whenever we have the time.